Andre Rey in 1940’s, is one of the most famous psychological assessment tools.

The ROCF measures human cognitive function from many aspects such as visual perceptual organization, non-verbal memory, roblem solving,and psycho-motor function.

You can carry out the ROCF very easily with ‘Rey-recorder’. Our app reduces the burden of necessary preparation for the ROCF. Originally,
in the ROCF, the examiner has to know how the subjects copy the figure, thus the examiner needs a video camera and color pencils. To evaluate the ROCF, the examiner has to play the recorded video to score the order of drawing the elements of the figure. Our app,
‘Rey-recorder’ ends up to show a picture in which the order of the subject’s drawing is visibly recorded, and thereby the examiner can evaluate it without a video camera and color pencils.

By using this app, you can save your time of evaluating process as well as the labor of the preparing.In addition, along with the screen recording in your Windows, it’ll be more comfortable evaluating the ROCF.

In the next version of ‘Rey-recorder’, we’ll add a new function which enable the examiner to evaluate the ROCF more easily without the screen recording. The next version will be freely available for the 1st version users.
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